The Victoria’s Secret Shanghai fashion show of 2017 has come and gone in all it’s glittering goddess glory.

The event, which is certainly a much anticipated annual occurrence was a huge success as per usual.

A mostly great time, the event was featuring some of the most famous celebrities and of course, the beautiful & world renowned models known as Vikki’s Angels, 


Known as one of the biggest runway events in the fashion industry, the Victoria’s Secret show is notorious for displaying the latest fashions in lingerie adorned by a select few of the most beautiful women in the world!


It’s  fun, carefree and high energy event so it’s no surprise to see that the Vikki’s angels were backstage celebrating.

However, in a recent video leak of the angel’s dressing room the models can be seen getting all the way live to the tune of Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow’ (you know only THE MOST POPULAR SONG on the radio right now) and the internet is MAD.


So what’s the problem?

Well , we can likely all agree that a group of excited and energetic models dancing in lingerie is far from a bad thing, right?

Of course that’s not the problem. However, if you’re familiar with Card B’s Billboard-topping hit, then you know that the Bronx born entertainer drops a few racial slurs in her rhyme.

This is no big deal for the artist, however people are outraged at these white models for dropping the n-word along with Cardi’s lyrics.


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