While it’s easy – and almost lazy – to constant troll Flat-Earthers, it’s still funny. Of course, trolling can quickly turn into bullying which is definitely not funny but for the most part, people are just mind-boggled at how the Flat Earth Society continues to gain new members. Now, we wholeheartedly believe that as long as no one is getting hurt, people should be left to their own theories, beliefs, and devices.

Some will claim that the Flat-Earthers are causing harm by spewing their conspiracies about NASA, science, and the global government but we’re not convinced that these entities even bother paying attention to the Flat-Earther’s rhetoric let alone feel hurt by them. In any case, if you engage with Flat-Earthers, at least do it as peaceably as possible. Opinions are like…you know the rest.

1. *Nods In Agreement*

This is really the only counter-argument to a Flat-Earther’s theory that matters.

2. There’s A Major Flaw To This One…

How can you expect anyone to take your truth theory seriously when everybody knows it’s supposed to be turtles all the way down.

3. #Crazy

This one references back to a trolling question Elon Musk asked the Flat Earth Society on Twitter why there wasn’t a “Flat Mars Society.” The answer they gave was that “Unlike the Earth, Mars has been observed to be round.”

4. Sarcasm At Its Finest

It’s pretty funny though.

5. #Finally

The “finally” is really intriguing…what else did he troll them with?


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