They can it the green eyed monster. It’s one of the seven deadly sins (just ask John Doe). It can break up the most meaningful of friendships and cause turmoil and strife within the most secure relationships. The kids today call it being “jelly.” Back in the day, it was just called jealousy. While really nothing more than a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, this emotion can have seismic consequences.

We’re All Guilty Of It At One Time Or Another



This is not envy we are talking about, though it is included as part of the jealousy package. You see, most psychologists list the former feeling as a direct reaction. You see someone with a killer beach bod and you instantly feel inferior, and angry, over what they’ve been able to achieve. You are envious of their abs, pecs, and pythons. Jealousy is an indirect connection. You see a girl you fancy hanging out with one of these overly buff gym rats. You wish this gal would give you the same attention. Therefore, you are jealous.

Doesn’t Matter What Age



It’s odd how quickly the emotion can turn on and off. A friend you know gets a new car. You could care less. Put then he goes out in it and picked up the latest game for the PS4 and suddenly you’re seeing nothing but emerald. Shakespeare is often cited as the writer who gave jealousy its tinted take, but it could have resulted from one of many sources. The link with the Bard comes from Othello, however, and is in connection with cats, who tend to play with their prey before killing/eating it.

Doesn’t Matter The Situation



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