For some reason, we don’t want our idols to age. Especially if they are women. We can accept a little graying around the temples when it comes to the male members of celebrity, but even then, getting older means almost always being scrutinized for how you look. It’s all tied together with our own personal perceptions. We want to freeze time and those who represent parts of the past. When they show signs of mortality, so do we.

This Is The Pamela Anderson We All Know And Love…


Still, it seems unfair to assume a bombshell or a bathing beauty will stay the same forever. People change, internally AND externally. Still, when you’ve banked on your body and/or beauty for most of your career, you are just asking to be taken down a few notches once social media gets a hold of you. In the soap box judgment maelstrom that follows, there is a nastiness that clouds any real concern.

And This Is How She Appeared At The Cannes Film Festival



Pamela Anderson is learning this all right about now. The famed Baywatch babe, who turned a stint running around in a skintight red one piece into a prolonged career in the spotlight, recently appeared on the red carpet at France’s heralded Cannes Film Festival, and many were stunned by the transformation. As you can see in the images here, she’s gone from high glam to slick and sultry. She’s almost unrecognizable.

She Looks Good, But…



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