Like most parents who have full-time careers, Jenny McGivney had to put her son Aiden into daycare a few months after her was born. And just like you or another parent you know that works 40 hours per week, McGivney and her husband thoroughly checked out local daycares where they live to make sure Aiden was in the best hands. They decided on the Goddard School in West Austin which they thought ticked off the boxes of what they were looking for.

A few months later, it turned out that Aiden wasn’t in good hands afterall and it was a lack of attention to his hands, in fact, that would bring the McGivney’s world crashing down and the Goodard School with a massive lawsuit.

Jenny was at work one day when she received a call from the Goddard School, telling her that 11-month-old Aiden had hurt his hand on one of the doors but that he was all right and there was nothing to worry about.

“They said (Aiden) had touched something hot on a door, either a metal door or a metal plate on the door and that he had burnt his finger,” Jenny said. “I asked if he was okay and they said he was fine, no rush to come.”

With the assurance from the daycare, Jenny finished the remainder of her workday without thinking much of it. Babies and toddlers at that age get bumps and bruises all the time. If there was no alarming tone in the daycare worker’s voice, why should she worry?

However, when Jenny arrived to pick her son up at the end of the day, she was shocked when she saw him. Aiden was screaming at the top of his lungs in pain and when Jenny looked at his tiny hands, she saw big yellow blisters covering his palms!

“I couldn’t believe it,” Jenny said. “I couldn’t believe what I saw. He was losing it.”

Jenny picked Aiden up and rushed him to the pediatrician’s office next door to the Goddard School. The medical staff immediately sent her to the emergency room but once they got there, the ER staff had Aiden transported to a burn unit where he stayed overnight. Aiden needed an operation that took 11 hours to repair both of his hands.

The outraged mother tearfully recalls helplessly looking at her baby lying in a hospital bed under anesthesia with both hands heavily wrapped with gauze was “the worst part.” Now, the toddler is back home and will have to wear compression gloves to protect his hands for a year.

The McGivneys have filed a lawsuit against the Goddard School and Jenny just can’t understand how Aiden’s hands got so badly burned in their care.

“It was cool that day,” she said. “It was 75 degrees. How did the door get that hot? What were the teachers doing and why didn’t they call for help?”

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Source: 11-Mo-Old Infant Severely Burned at Daycare on Both Hands. Mother Rushes Him to ER by Liftable

Understandably, the family has many questions that haven’t been answered by the daycare. Hopefully, through the courts, they get justice for Aiden and the answers that they so desperately deserve.

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