In October of 2017 the “Me Too Movement” grew legs and spread virally as a hash tag to bring awareness to the widespread sexual assault and harassment that many women deal with on a regular basis. Started by Tarana Burke, women took to Twitter to recount their experiences to let the masses understand how large this issue is. From celebrities to every day citizens, everyone was sharing their stories, and it wasn’t just women doing the talking.

Katy Perry’s first big hit was “I Kissed a Girl,” so it’s not surprising that it was going to be referenced at least once on this season of American Idol, as she’s one of the celebrity hosts. What we didn’t expect that the reference, however heartwarming it was intended to be, would end up causing backlash for the singer and turn the #MeToo Movement towards her.

Fresh faced 19-year-old Benjamin Glaze was preparing to audition for the Idol judges, and during the taping he stated he worked as a cashier. He said he enjoyed the job because it allowed him to mee ‘cute girls,’ and this brought on Luke Bryan’s joke when he asked is Glaze had ever “kissed a girl and liked it.” Laughs ensue before the young man surprises the judges by saying no, he hasn’t. What is Katy Perry to do? Make his dreams come true, of course. Except, he didn’t actually want to kiss her. Cue the outrage.


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