It seems like, every time you turn around, some random act of senseless violence is making the headlines – again. From a bombing at a concert to stabbings on a busy street, the level of audacity matched by the senselessness of the crimes creates a kind of fear that the perpetrators want and officials hope we can avoid.

Police Are Reporting Multiple Deaths In A Workplace Shooting



Just now, in the Orlando, Florida area, local police are making a disturbing announcement. In a warehouse somewhere between University and SR-50, near Forsyth, a shooter has gone on a rampage, leaving several dead. Law enforcement has also confirmed that the situation is contained, which means either (a) the gunman is dead, or (b) the gunman is trapped in the building.

They Are Saying The Situation Is Contained



It sounds like one of those workplace beefs that have turned deadly. Recent attacks have all revolved around terrorism in places like London and Turkey. While no link to a political agenda or bias has been mentioned, we can’t automatically discount that possibility. If this is indeed one of those situations where an employee (or ex-employee) has “gone postal,” more details will emerge eventually.

The Shooter Has Not Been Identified



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