No matter where you live, water is a focal point of recreational life.

Millions of people spend their hard-earned vacations near the water at campgrounds on rivers, in lakeside cabins, and retreats to luxurious beach resorts. For some lucky folks who live by a lake or in a beach community, they are able to enjoy the benefits of the fresh water or salty air on a daily basis.

Even people in land-locked areas enjoy taking a dip in their backyard or community pool, sometimes spending entire summers watching their kids play in the water while they soak up some sun poolside.

Because of this, it’s easy to see how water-related attire, equipment, and recreational toys are a billion dollar a year business, but one company has a much different idea on how to not only break into the watersport industry, but take it by storm.

Presenting: The SCUBAJET


According to the company’s Kickstarter page, SCUBAJET is a “Portable jet-engine for SUP (stand up paddling), canoeing & diving turns existing equipment into powerful electric water sports gear within 10 seconds.”

Paddle boarding’s population is growing rapidly, but it could be even more appealing with the use of a SCUBAJET. With just a few seconds of installing with even fewer tools (none!), you can transform your SUP experience into a propelled water adventure.

SCUBAJET can also be used for other water sports like canoeing, diving, and even for small craft.

Austrian Patrizia Giovanniello, the founder of SCUBAJET told Surfer Today that “The power unit is completely emission-free and barely audible, so you can use it on protected waters without ruining the peace and quiet. The handling is pretty easy to explain, and no technical skills are needed.”

There is just one catch: the project will only be funded if the company receives $167,542 in pledges on its Kickstarter page. So what are you waiting for? Watch the video below, check out their page, and help fund this awesome invention!

You Have To See This Amazing Invention! Check It Out:

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