Making movies is not easy. Sure, a single person can write a script, and another sole individual can sit behind the lens and make those words come to life, but beyond that, it’s a group efforts. Actors. Crew. Craftspeople. Producers and other suits behind the scenes. Unless you are filming yourself talking to the camera for hours at a time, and light it yourself and edit it yourself, there is some level of collaboration involved. This means many hands guided where things go. It also means there are more chances for someone of something to screw up, leading to possible disaster.

Over the next few pages you will see eight examples of on-set accidents and incidents which injured actors and/or others (and at least three cases which ended up in deaths). Again, we are not here to cast blame, or pass judgment, but after reading through these, you too may ask yourself “how could this happen?” The answer is inherent in the film process itself. So many parts. So many places for potential failure.

Die Hard (1988)


While filming a scene in every movie geeks favorite Christmas action thriller, actor Bruce Willis had to fire a gun from beneath a table. The noise from the blast caused him to lose two-thirds of his hearing in his left ear.

Now You See Me (2013)


Actress Isla Fisher was cast here as a magician reviving one of Houdini’s famous “water vault” tricks. Unfortunately, while submerged, the chains involved snagged her dress, making it hard for her to surface. She barely escaped with her life (and did not return for the sequel – go figure).

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