When it comes to things that go together, rap music and the NYPD aren’t exactly peanut butter and jelly.

I mean really, the only time you ever hear them mentioned in the same sentence (other than this article) is to hear a rapper let out a f*ck the police type sentiment.




However, the NYPD and rap music actually have a more interesting relationship than most people think.

It’s True

When New York based rapper, Jadon Woodard was arrested for performing and selling his CDs on an NYC subway platform (which is legal) he decided to exercise his rights.

After being released from jail, Jadon and his friend/fellow rapper, Ghsts n Guitars, joined a civil action suit against the NYPD.

The Face You Make When Someone Thinks They Played You But You Really Played Them



Jadon and Ghsts n Guitars ended up winning the lawsuit, and what did they decide to do with their money?

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