Future Noah, who claims his real name is Noah Novak, seems to have grown tired of the haters so he reached into his bag of tricks once again and produced a video to prove he’s telling us the truth. Remember, Noah is from 2030 but is a time traveler who goes on secret missions like the one he went on that took him to 2120.

The video Noah shows ApexTV has a skyline with very futuristic buildings and flying cars. The modern-day Marty McFly says that the city is Las Vegas and that the “red clouds” in the video are caused by global warming. He’s so serious that what he is doing is putting him in danger that he even breaks down a little before blasting his doubters. You might want to get used to Noah because if he is telling the truth, it looks like we’re stuck with him for a while…

Watch Noah’s Latest “Proof”:

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