Fashion trends have a way of making a comeback even when we don’t want them too. Despite some trends being welcomed back with open arms like tie-dye some are better left in their original decade. Can you imagine if all these kids today were running around wearing Zach Morris’ entire wardrobe?

Nike is usually on the forefront of setting trends not rehashing old ones. The original Air Jordans, released in 1985, revolutionized the entire sneaker game. Actually, before anyone wanted to be like Mike, there wasn’t much of a sneaker game to speak of. Sure, there were other brands around, but until Nike took a risk and signed Jordan to a $7 million contract his rookie season (one that ultimately cost him $410,000 in league fines), it wasn’t big business.

That’s what Nike does. They take risks. Over the years, Nike has employed the best athletes on the planet to endorse their products. They’ve also made a couple of blunders along the way (Mickael Pietrus and Jordan Brand, anyone?). Their recent summer shoe announcement has the Internet wondering if they got their inspiration from Dwayne Johnson’s wrestling days.

The answer is no. We think. Although the famous pic of the Rock wearing the mock turtleneck, all that bling, and fanny pack seems like it could be their latest muse. Why? Because they’ve come out with fanny pack sliders just in time for summer.

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