The thing about opinions is that everyone has one. This isn’t breaking news. Neither is the fact that most people like sharing their opinions every chance they get.

We see a lot of this when it comes to two things in particular: politics and the entertainment industry.


As you scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed, the aforementioned topics come up repeatedly. Politics may have you and your family at each other’s throats while your opinions on Hollywood matters may have them giving you the side eye, won’t necessarily cause a rift during the holidays.


What one person finds entertaining, their best friend may find repulsive. The same can be said for scary, funny, or interesting.

How many times have the two of you gone to the movies and you walked away rolling your eyes as your buddy went on and on about how great they thought it was?


Which is why Netflix’s newest hit scoring a perfect 100 on Rotten Tomatoes is a big deal. For every Atlanta (100%) there is a Rob (11%) but guaranteed there is someone out there who can’t stand the Donald Glover hit, and one person that wishes CBS would bring back Rob Schneider’s sit-com.

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