Later this month, Far Cry 5 will be released and it will likely be a big-seller for a few reasons. First, the Far Cry franchise is one of Ubisoft’s most successful and as first-person shooters go, it’s not your typical Call of Duty-type shooter due to the whole wilderness aspect of the game’s landscape. Also, Far Cry 4 was released four years ago and when you make fans of a franchise wait that long, expectations are always high as is the frenzy that will hit retailers on March 27th, when the fifth installment drops.

Speaking of Call of Duty…Black Ops IIII will be released in October, but unlike Ubisoft’s first-person shooter series, Activision releases CODs every year and always in time for the holidays. Will it sell? Yup. That’s why the developers keep churning them out.

There is a massive audience for new titles but even remastered old ones are incredibly popular. For instance, the PS4 exclusive Shadow of the Colossus was remastered and released in early February and is doing exceedingly well in sales. In fact, it topped the U.K. charts and got rave reviews. Considering its original release on the PS2 in 2005 was considered one of the most influential titles of its time, the fact the 2018 remastered version has hit “universal acclaim” status shows that there is still a huge market for old games.

Even more proof is the fact the retro “mini” systems are selling pretty decently in stores. Nintendo dropped the NES Classic Mini in 2016 and it was such a hot seller, it was nearly impossible to find after about a month on the market. They followed that up with the SNES Classic Mini which was released back in September and was a big holiday hit.

Likewise, Sega Genesis also re-released a retro version of their popular 90s console, but truth be told, Nintendo had the whole nostalgia feel going for them and included some of the system’s best games, whereas Sega (or, ATGames, the manufacturer), underwhelmed their audiences with a heavy dose of Sonic and a slew of secondary titles.

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