For many people, the thought of finding love seems nearly impossible. Nathan Hrdlicka was among those who thought he would never meet somebody who could love and appreciate him for who he is.

Nathan suffers from a rare condition called tbilateral proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD) that caused him to be born without thighs. He is one of only 25 people in the world to suffer from the condition and he is the only one who has been able to walk.

As an adult, he stands just 4 feet 6 inches tall. Throughout his life, the 34-year-old has been bullied about his height, and he always believed his differences would always keep him from finding true love.

But thanks to Facebook, Nathan was introduced to the love of his life, a 19-year-old woman named Chelsee Stuart who is at least an entire foot taller than Nathan.

While some people may  find their relationship unconventional, these two are in love and they’re in it for the long run.

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