Over the last several years, race relationships between police officers and black communities all over the country have become incredibly strained. While these relationships were never the greatest to begin with, several killings involving police and unarmed black people has left many communities reeling.

One of the incidents that garnered the most attention was the murder of Walter Scott who was shot to death by a Charleston, S.C. police officer in 2015. Although Michael Slager, the officer who shot Scott claimed that he fired in self defense because Scott had grabbed his taser, video footage determined that was a lie.

Instead, Slager fired eight rounds into Scott’s back while he ran away from the officer.

Although many of the officers who have shot and killed unarmed black people have recieved nothing more than a slap on the wrist, the story of Michael Slager, who has already been relieved of his police officer duties, has a completely different ending.

After the shooting, Slager was charged with muder to which he pleaded not guilty. The case initially ended in a mistrial, Slager ultimately pleaded to a violation of Scott’s civil rights.

The federal court has recently handed down Slager’s sentence, and it’s one that many people are pleased with.

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