They say that the main reason to study the past is so that we have present knowledge, and do not repeat the mistakes made by our ancestors in the future. It’s also intriguing to see where we came from, to understand what people had to put up with before there was such everyday advances as science, medicine, and high tech ways of examining a situation.

Scientists Want To Know What Killed This Woman



Of course, now that we have computers and up to date examination techniques, we can open the window often closed to history and find out what happened to those who came before. This is especially true for those situations which present a mystery. A good example of this can be found in a recent discovery of a mass grave under a Hungarian church.

And This Little Baby



Around 250 bodies were discovered, and scientists believe many died from tuberculosis. Now, technology is playing detective for one perfectly preserved mummy mom and her little baby. Both died from something, and via a CT scan, there’s hope for an answer this puzzle presents. The device can perform what is called a “3D autopsy” and may help lead to some solid conclusions.

And Are Using Modern Technology To Unravel The Mystery



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