You’ve heard the phrase “them are fightin’ words,” haven’t you? Someone says something that instigates another and before you know it, the gloves are coming off and it’s time to throw down. In this case, the instigator is President Donald Trump. In a speech to members of law enforcement, the Commander in Chief promised to make the US safe again, and one of his main targets is the Salvadoran gang MS-13.

They Are Known As MS-13


Though it originated in Los Angeles in the ’80s, the criminal enterprise has expanded around the world. Most of the members come from Central America, mainly El Salvador, thus the reputation. Known for the full body tattoos (including those on the face and head) and the use of a special secret sign language, they are known for being aggressively brutal, retaliatory, and as Trump said in his speech, more prone toward torture since simple execution would be “too quick.”

They Are One Of The Most Notorious Gangs In The World


Now, if America’s leader hoped to inspire fear in the MS-13 membership with his words, he has apparently failed miserably. Instead, by playing the card and calling the gang “animals,” Trump has become an active recruiting tool for the outfit. As two members named “David” and “Alex” told CNN:

“They feel like they can do whatever they want because Trump himself has made everybody fear. All the immigrants, they feel like if they go to the police or something they’re getting deported. Because of what Trump is saying that all the Hispanics are bad and everything. So whatever happens to them they’d rather stay quiet and let it happen. He’s helping them.”

And Now President Trump Appears To Be Helping Them


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