As if riding downhill through a city track looks crazy enough, that’s not even the craziest we’ve seen. There are barriers to protect the riders from flying off track. The real daredevils don’t only risk injury, which can certainly happen on the city courses, they risk their life with some of their runs. While we all may not have the guts to live like they do, at least we can watch!

Per the GoPro YouTube Page: “Tucked in the hills of Virgin, Utah stands the mecca of freeride mountain bike events, Red Bull Rampage. Riders spend 8 daunting days building an entire run down a brand new venue, with only the rider and 2 builders for a team to make it all happen. Watch as these athletes take on the beast and compete for the coveted prize of first place.”

It doesn’t get much crazier than that, but if we know anything about extreme sports athletes… It will continue to get more intense. Human beings will never stop pushing the boundaries, and we’ll continue to make technology to keep up!

And Then, There’s This!

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