The creator of the GoPro camera had a vision, and we’ve all been subject to the adrenaline-raising, high-stakes videos from daredevils wearing them ever since. We aren’t complaining. Some of the greatest footage from extreme sports and wild stunts have been captured with them. We’re just wondering what they’re going to do next with them.

How many people have wanted to jump out of a plane but been too afraid to do so? Now, with technology, all you have to do is click on a video and your falling to Earth from 30,000 feet. Add in the advancements in virtual reality and we begin to reach unprecedented levels of an augmented life. No longer do we have to risk our lives, now we can live vicariously through the daredevil’s eyes, or the GoPro’s.

There may not be a better company than Red Bull to get their hands on a GoPro. They’ve taken action sports and delivered them to our computer screens in excellent fashion. The video below is a POV bike run, downtown through the streets of Valparaiso. For everyone who will never get the opportunity to, or have the guts to, have one of these rides… Now you can get a feel of what it’s actually like! Check it out below.


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