For most of us, a car is transportation. That’s all. Of sure, America has been obsessed with car culture since Henry Ford found a way to streamline industrial production and created the assembly line, but not everyone out there is a gear head.

For Some, This Is The Ultimate Ride



Others Prefer Something Like This



Brake horsepower and top speeds mean nothing. Luxury is something for the rich and famous. All you want are four wheels, an engine, and reliability from Point A to Point B. But for other, the car is king. It’s the answer to all life’s questions and the bigger and badder the muscle, the better.

Customizers Can Go Overboard With Their Ideas



Some go for the old and antiquated, restoring them until they sparkle like polished jewels. Others go for the power, pushing engines to the limit of their abilities just to eek out a few more RPMs. And then there are the cars like the ones in the video included herein. To call them unusual would be an understatement. To call them practical is something else all together.

The Results Can Be Strange Indeed



And Very, Very Cool



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