Perhaps it’s time to bid the standard camera farewell. It used to be, if you wanted to take a picture, you had to locate the often awkward device, pray that it had film inside it, also hope that if a flash is necessary, you have one, and then either go through the weird process of pulling out a strip of exposed negative, wait a few minutes (and shake it) and then hope you got what you wanted…or worse, take it down to the FotoMat and wait a few days until it gets developed.

Now, all you have to do is pull out your cellphone, aim and click, and nine times out of ten, you’ve got a reliable recreation of the event. No posing. No preparation. Just you, your $800 device, and an entire world waiting for you to go all Ansel Adams on its ass. Of course, while getting your photographic groove on, you may catch something you didn’t expect. In the gallery below you will find a bunch of images that look normal…upon first glance. But when you look deeper – WHOA! See if you can find the secret in each one. Enjoy.

That Peeping Tom Is Now Blind


We Didn’t Know Pepsi Came In White Canswha2

Isn’t Nature Beautiful, Honey?wha3

Now That’s A Eye Fullwha4

This One’s For The Ladieswha5

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