What is it with Wal-Mart (and to a far lesser extent, Target)? For some reason, all sense or priority goes out the door when you cross the automated entrance and wander into the recycled air-ness. For some reason, people don’t see the inside of one these superstores as “the public.” Oh sure, they are out among the rabble and are often reduced to interacting with them, but does that really translate into something “clothing optional.” Seriously.

In fact, there are whole websites devoted to the personal choices people make when heading out to Wallyworld to get your Rollback pricing on. For some, it’s a store. For others, it’s a statement. Or a cry for help. Or a sin against both God and Man. In the gallery below, you will get much more than an eyeful. You’ll weep with later, and for humanity. You’ll question personal preferences and life choices. And as for that lady lounging in the cheese display, all we can ask is…why? Doesn’t that’s food stuff smell enough without you adding your own personal aroma to it?

We Think She Read The Warning Label Wrong


#Fingerinthebootyassbitch 4 Lifewally2

Share A Ride Indeedwally3

She Knew Those Handcuffs Would Come In Handy One Daywally4

We Said “SAY” Cheese, Not Lay Cheese…wally5

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