As if 2018 hadn’t brought us enough things to make us ask, “What the %$#@ were they thinking?!” what with the Tide Pod Challenge and the Hot Stove Challenge, a Miami Beach nightclub is continuing with the trend. That’s right, you can sleep much easier knowing that idiotic acts of WTF aren’t just reserved for young people trying to become Instafame.

Thankfully, the brain trust running the Mokai Lounge on Miami Beach is here to prove that grown-ups can be just as idiotic as the under-30 crowd.

Where should we begin? How about in 2014 when the club was sued for the first time because Mokai b0ers had beaten someone up.

In total, five patrons since 2014 have sued the Mokai Lounge because its staff allegedly battered them and left them with a myriad of injuries including broken noses, cuts from vodka bottles, black eyes, and bruises. Two of those cases involve brutality against women; both cases are still open.

Lawsuits of alleged battery cases are currently not at the top of the list of Mokai management’s priorities. Numero uno is reserved for a much more recent event; namely, late last week when a half-naked woman rode a live horse through the dance floor.

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