It’s the one natural disaster we rarely think about. Hurricanes happen every year. So do tornadoes, floods and other weather associated calamities. We see the rare tsunami, and earthquakes make rare but regular appearances on the nightly news. But there is one destructive force that formed the foundation of our planet that is so infrequent that we don’t even consider it. And yet, it exists.

They’ve Been Around Since The Dawn Of Time


Mt. St. Helen’s proved that the US is not immune from their power. Indeed, Hawaii seems to have one or two brewing and spewing lava at any given time. The volcano is a forgotten facet of life. We just don’t see them often enough to remember them (out of sight, out of mind one guesses). Even back during 2012, when some were convinced that the Mayan calendar was predicting the end of the world, we heard about Yellowstone as a possible eruption sight.

They Are Responsible For Many Land Masses And Continents


Well now there’s a new one, and it has scientists and scholars over in Europe very anxious indeed. This past March, the long dormant Campi Flegrei volcano in Italy reached what experts call a “critical” stage. It is now ready to erupt with the possible fall out from even a minor event ready to cause cataclysmic consequences for the continent. Just the ash from an eruption could cloud the skies, causing issues in transportation and security.

Even Their Ash Can Be Devastating


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