Just about everyone has that one friend that is constantly roasting them. No matter the situation, this one person is the first to drag you in front of others.

You may even question if they’re really your friend at all or refer to them as your “frenemy.”


See someone you like at a social gathering? This person will do everything they can to embarrass you.

You don’t have a friend like that you say? Then your friends don’t want the best for you, according to recent findings.


You’ve heard of “tough love,” right? It works along those lines.

The title of the study is “Cruel to be Kind: Factors Underlying Altruistic Efforts to Worsen Another Person’s Mood” by researchers at the University of Plymouth in England.


The study opens with the abstract:

“When aiming to improve another person’s long-term well-being, people may choose to induce a negative emotion in that person in the short term.”

Sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it?

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