These days, when it comes to movie reviews, there’s nothing more important than what the folks at Rotten Tomatoes have to say. The film review aggregation website combines reviews from experienced critics and viewers.

The films are broken into three categories based on percentage points: Certified Fresh (70-100% “Wide-release films with a score of 75% or higher that are reviewed by at least 80 critics, of which 5 are “Top Critics” are given this seal.”), Fresh (60-100%), and Rotten (0-59%).

For a film to fall into the Certified Fresh category is a serious honor in itself, but to receive a 100% rating is almost unheard of. So when a film gets a perfect score, it goes without saying that it’s a big deal.

Well, fans of The Walking Dead will be pleased to know that a film that has recently been given a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes stars one of the shows beloved stars, Steven Yeun (Glen).

The film Mayhem is a heavy-on-the-gore horror/comedy movie about an employee (Yeun) who is fired after being set up by a co-worker. His day then gets worse when a strange virus begins to spread through the area.

If there’s anyone who knows how to handle themselves during the outbreak of a mysterious illness, it’s Steven Yeun.

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