They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. They also say that sometimes, being good at one thing can compensate for a complete lack of skill in other area. Pat Hines understands this all too well. For over a decade, he has been a dedicated user of Microsoft Paint, which many graphic designers and other artists consider the bane of their existence. It’s clunky. It’s medieval. Heck – it’s not Photoshop and that’s the point. Apparently, Hines could never get the hang of the famous program, so he stuck with Paint. A decade later and he has a series of illustrations for an e-book he is self-publishing.

Camp Redblood and the Essential Revenge tells the story of a – you guessed it – camp circa the ’80s where everyone is interested in having a good time (you know, sex, drinking – the works). Unfortunately, they have to deal with rival camps, as well the minor nuisance of being surrounded by ghosts and monsters. The gallery below features Hines’ work and you to give him credit. He’s really mastered what Microsoft has mastered. If you’re interested, you can find Camp Redblood at Amazon.

This Is Hines’ Book


It’s like Meatballs meets the macabre.

It Takes Place At An ’80s Camp


Just like Friday The 13th!

Everyone There Is Only Interested In One Thing


Well, two, if you count both getting drunk and getting laid.

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