It’s called a double standard. Simply defined, what’s good for one group or gender fails the test when it crosses over to another. Usually applied in the standard battle of the sexes between men and women, it’s often applied to situations where such lax rationalizations need not apply. Still, we remains locked in our illegitimate roles and can’t quite bring ourselves to be open to such radical changes. We like things either sugar and spice and everything nice or snips and snails and puppy dog tails and that’s it.

All Joey Barge Wanted Was To Be Comfortable At Work


Perhaps that’s why stories like this one cross over into our collective imagination. The minute someone challenges these antiquated ideas without insulting or injuring others, we smile at the sense of rebellion. In this case, a man in the UK named Joey Barge was struggling through the recent European heatwave. Noticing that the female employees at his job enjoyed the comfort of shorts while men had to wear the traditional long pants, our new hero decided to do the same. What he learned has the web in a polite uproar.

So He Decided To Wear This


Apparently, Joey’s employer was none too pleased with his defiance of the dress code and sent him home. Yes, it was the old double standard. Ladies – and their legs – can air it out while at work, but men have to stay prim and proper. But Joey decided to take the situation in stride. Following the letter of the office law, he came back – in a nice pink and black dress. He hoped to exploit a loophole he saw in the rules. What his fellow female cubical pals could wear, so he could he, right?

When He Was Sent Home, He Came Back Wearing This


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