Pokemon has been around for 17 years at this point and every time the fad dies down, something sparks the interest of the Pokeverse back up. Two summers ago, the Pokemon Go game had people young and old wandering around their neighborhoods, parks, museums, basically everywhere collecting Pokemon on their phones and getting some exercise in at the same time.

Pokemon Go also helped garner interest in the original card game back up. Little kids dug into their parents’ closets and boxes that were stored in the attic and retrieved some of the older cards that mom or dad had packed away years ago. There was also an uptick in new card packs being purchased by kids born after Pikachu.

Some adults even dug through their old collections, some for old time’s sake and others because news started spreading how much these character cards were worth made former players’ jaws drop.

It turns out, original Squirtle and Bulbasaur cards can fetch a pretty penny.

So, how much are we talking here? Thousands of dollars if the card is in pristine condition. Don’t go clocking out of work to rush home and tear through those old storage boxes, though, because chances are, yours aren’t in the condition that can bring in five-figures unless you’ve been taking your collection pretty seriously for all these years.

Like this guy Gary, who went on Pawn Stars trying to get half a mil for his collection.

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