The threesome. It’s a sexual set-up that every man (and woman) has contemplated at one time. Not that they’d ever really go through with it, mind you, but there is some sexual (and sleazy) allure of bedding two people at once, especially in the carefully controlled fantasy in your head. Now imagine living with it, day in and day out, beyond the boudoir.

This Is Adam Lyons



That’s Adam Lyons’ situation. The former UK resident, now living in Texas, has two girlfriends. They don’t consider themselves a menage a trois, however. The call themselves a “throuple.” They are committed to each other and to the family unit as a whole. Adam is also a dad – he and one of the ladies in his life, Brooke Shedd, have a son named Dante.

And This Is His ‘Family’



And if that’s not news enough, he is now expecting another baby with gal number two, Jane Shalakhova. If it sounds strange, Adam wants to set your straight. In fact, he believes that he is on the cutting edge of what families will look like in the future. All committed. All capable. And when a social life calls, there is always someone to look after the kids. Of course – the ladies agree.

But It’s Not About The Sex – No, REALLY



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