So, a guy named Chen from China went to a zoo with two young women. At some point during the visit, he decided to make a move that would leave him irresistible to his lady friends. It backfired and almost left Chen dead.

Chen climbed into the enclosure of Mei Ling, a 260-pound panda. She was sleeping so Chen decided to wake her up by petting her. Touching her did the trick but it also confused and frightened Mei Ling. Would you want some stranger petting you while you were asleep? Of course, you’d wake up ready to fight which is exactly what Mei Ling did. The tussle went on for a few minutes until Chen was able to free himself and escape. The incident was caught on the zoo’s security camera but no zoo workers came to his aid. Maybe they were hoping for natural selection?

Watch This Cassanova Almost Get Mauled To Death By A Panda:

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