We’re living in uncertain times as President Trump and North Korea’s Supreme Leader King Jong-un are seemingly in a constant Twitter battle.

Most recently, the focus of their spats has been over whose button’s bigger and whose actually works.


The button the two leaders bicker about in all likelihood doesn’t even exist for all intents and purposes.

Of course, we’re talking about a nuclear button.


No one can say for sure whether or not KJU has a nuclear button sitting on his desk at Ryongsong Residence or one of his many other luxurious holdouts in Pyongyang.

We do know that there isn’t a Staples Easy Button sitting on the Resolute desk in the Oval Office that fires nukes anywhere in the world at the President’s whim.


Since the 1970’s, Bruce Beach has been thinking about a nuclear fallout a lot. He even moved from Chicago to a remote village about two hours northwest of Toronto called Horning’s Mills.

Why? Well, to ride out a nuclear blast of course!

Head to Page 2 for footage of Beach’s bunker and Canadian setup…