We have all tried to get out of work for one reason or another. Legitimate or not, it’s often sort of nerve-wracking to call in to the big guy. It’s sort of like disappointing your parents  (or whoever you respect a whole lot.)

Even if you don’t like your boss, he or she holds the key to your steady paycheck so it’s no easy task to break the news that you won’t making it in.

Fortunately for this guy, who seems to have a very amiable relationship with the bossman, his absence was excused, no questions asked.

What really made this incident way different than the average employee call out, was the context. Let’s just say someone really hit the nail on the head with this one.

It All Began With This Revealing Message

So, here he was just minding his own business when he happened to see an old lady struggling with her groceries. Of course, this couldn’t have been just any old lady. It had to be his bosses mother.

Wasting no time, he rushed over to lend her a hand.


It was just moments later when he was finished helping out, that the woman made it known that she sincerely appreciated the help by kindly slamming his head into the truck.


Looks Like Boss Had No Trouble Believing His Unlikely Fate

Funny stuff, right? Well wait until you see how LIT ? the comments were UP NEXT (NSFW)