One of the reasons that dating sites like Tinder, OKCupid,, and others are popular for a number of reasons.

Some people may not have had much luck finding a mate on their own or just don’t have the time to scour the clubs and bars hoping to find Mr./Mrs. Right.


Other people are really shy and can even suffer from social anxieties, which makes striking up a conversation from across a crowded room difficult.

There are a lot of singles out there that struggle to pick up on the signs that someone is interested in them and miss out on a lot of opportunities to seriously date someone.


Truthfully, some people like the benefits of being with someone intimately without the commitment of being in a relationship.

That’s why Tinder is, in particular, a go-to for singles who want the lovin’ without the couplin’.


Do you know what else satisfies this group of people? Dolls.

Yes, it can be a running gag at a bachelor party or within your fraternity, but there are a lot of people who are socially awkward but still have needs so the doll is their choice to satisfy these needs.

Until now, these dolls have been designed and marketed for men; however, the same company that makes one of the most successful love robots on the market, Harmony, has now come up with a way for women to be satisfied too.

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