In the history of television and comedy, there may not be a bigger fall from grace than Bill Cosby. Not only was Bill one of the most beloved and successful stand up comedians of all time, his television career was even bigger. The Cosby Show was groundbreaking. Fat Albert‘s legacy spanned decades, first as a cartoon, and then being adapted for the big screen. Even Kids Say The Darndest Things was huge. Dr. Cosby wasn’t only a star, he was a role model.

Unfortunately for those who looked up to him and held him in such high regards, all of that seemed to be a sham. There was an alleged dark side to Bill Cosby, a rumor floating through the business that not only was he a not the nice guy that he seemed to be, he was actually a monster. Now, dozens of accusations later, the world sees Bill Cosby for what he allegedly is, a rapist. He still hasn’t been convicted of any crimes, but in the court of public opinion he has been.

There’s a saying, “Everything in the dark will eventually make its way into the light.” While Bill Cosby’s “secret” was apparently common knowledge in Hollywood circles, the public became aware of the rumor after Hannibal Burress called him a rapist on stage during one of his comedy shows a couple of years back.


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