Life isn’t fair, and as different version of the concept indicate, no one said it would be. Instead, we become immune to the various ways the world craps on us and we take it in stride, assuming that it’s all part of some greater design or plan. We believe in being treated poorly – or trolled, as today’s youth would phrase it – and chalk it up to character building, or the trials and tribulations of being part of the glorious human race. We wish the struggle wasn’t real, but everyone keeps telling us that it is, so…

With the images below, you can see what we are talking about. From forgetting a glass door is preventing your exit to a cheerleader dropping a bit more than her pom-poms on her fellow team members, these are perfect examples of some higher power playing with us, arguing that any break you deserve or any special consideration you may require is probably never going to happen, and more likely, will be met with a overtured dump truck filled with fail. Just remember, for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction – and for every win, there’s a snack stuck in a vending machine.

It’s Called A Dump Truck After All


They’re just doing it wrong.

Not So Water Tight After All?


As long as the beer stays dry.

Time For A Weenie Roast


Oh yeah, and a new car.

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