If you’re a millennial who’s trying to get out into the dating world, there’s a good chance that you’ve at least tried Tinder. The popular dating app allows you to swipe through people’s profiles based on your location as well as age and gender preferences. The main thing that sets Tinder apart from other dating apps is the fact that you can only communicate with people if both of you ‘swipe right’ on each other which indicates mutual interest.

But it looks like Tinder isn’t only good for finding dates. This is something that one 18-year-old, Aline, recently discovered after turning her Tinder profile into somewhat of a business venture.

Instead of creating the typical profile, Aline instead decided to use the account to help her sell a lamp her cousin had given her.

With a picture of a lamp as the accounts main photo, Aline began swiping, and to her surprise, she ended up with lots of matches – so many that her app eventually crashed.

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