It’s often said that kids today are spoiled and don’t know how good they have it. Maybe. But the other side of the argument is that someone is buying these kids iPhone X’s and we’re pretty confident in saying that it ain’t the eight-year-old. Another argument can be made that a 10-year-old in 2018 lives in a different world than a 10-year-old from 1998. Sure, there was Internet 20 years ago but you were limited to surfing the web by either your mom needing to use the phone to call Aunt Edna or the new AOL disc not arriving yet.

There are likely a number of factors that play a part in the whole “are kids spoiled?” debate. Geography, income, and parental discretion all play a role. So what if you could put a group of people from different countries with different income levels side-by-side to compare? Anna Rosling Rönnlund has done this with Dollar Street.

Rönnlund set out to show “how life looks similar — and different — for people across different income levels, cultures, and countries.” A team of photographers documented over 264 homes in 50 countries, taking snapshots of people’s daily life and objects. The most telling images were of children and the toys they played with the most. Take a look at 15 photos of children from different incomes all over the world and their favorite toys.

1. Burkina Faso

Household income per adult: $29/month
Favorite toy: old tire

2. Burundi

Household income per adult: $29/month
Favorite toy: dried maize

3. Zimbabwe

Household income per adult: $34/month
Favorite toy: homemade ball

4. Haiti

Household income per adult: $39/month
Favorite toy: truck made from recycled trash

5. Haiti

Household income per adult: $43/month
Favorite toy: broken plastic hoop


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