For most people, childhood is a time to be carefree. When you’re a kid, the only thing on your mind is having a good time, and there aren’t too many things that you really need to worry — or even think — about.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the reality for every child. For kids dealing with serious — and even terminal — illnesses, experiencing the joys of childhood aren’t always possible. In fact, sometimes even the simplest things can be difficult – and it can be easy to feel like you’re different.

Recently, however, photographer, John Rossi, decided to give a group of sick children a chance to feel like the superheroes they are. After all, sometimes its nice to have a reminder of how your strength.

For this project, Rossi transformed the adorable children into characters from the Justice League, and the children couldn’t be any happier to enjoy a little bit of time in the spotlight.

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