If for some reason you haven’t seen it yet, Hart was standing at the stage while Darrell Green, the Redskins’ Hall of Fame cornerback walked through the jubilant Eagles players with the Lombardi Trophy to the stage for the presentation ceremony.

How cold is the NFL to have a former Washington Redskin deliver the Super Bowl trophy to the Philadelphia Eagles?!

Anyway, Green got to the stage and Hart can be seen trying to get on stage. The security guard wasn’t having it though.


That was all pretty tame until Hart joined the NFL Network broadcast crew for some postgame comments. That’s when things got completely out of hand.

Hart admitted he was drinking, slurred a bunch of stuff about how proud he was, joked around, then dropped the F-Bomb immediately before saying “I’m out” and letting Deion Sanders escort him off the set.

Watch (Warning – NSFW):

He’s standing his ground and admitting he made a mistake. What else can you ask of him?

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