The joke may be that all servers in Los Angeles are models and actors but there is some truth to it. Most actors didn’t just become movie stars overnight. Many successful actors and musicians had day jobs before hitting it big. Some worked as grocery store clerks, some were servers, some worked in retail, others in freight. Ken Jeong was a doctor.

Technically, he still is a doctor. Sure, he played the titular character Dr. Ken on ABC for two years but we mean an actual doctor. As in, he can add “Dr.” before Ken and “M.D.” after Jeong. It’s good to know he hasn’t forgotten any of his medical training, not just in case the whole Hollywood thing stops working for him but because he needed it over the weekend.

Jeong first earned his Bachelor’s from Duke University before switching sides and getting his medical degree from the esteemed University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School Of Medicine. If you’re wondering how that works when college hoops comes around, he’s made it clear he’s a diehard Blue Devil. Sorry, Tar Heels!

After graduating with his doctorate, Jeong did his internal medicine residency at Ochsner Medical Centre in New Orleans where he started doing stand-up on the side. Long story short, he stuck with comedy and went on to become one of the breakout stars of The Hangover in 2009.

He still has his medical chops, though…Head to Page 2 to see how he saved a woman at one of his shows!