In the world of comic book movies, there’s Marvel…and then everyone else, which is a shame. After all, DC has two of the most iconic characters in the history of the four panel genre, the Dark Knight, aka Batman, and a certain Krytonian transplant, aka Superman. Surely, in a dynamic where Ant-Man and Dr. Strange can warrant multi-million dollar hits, and the Avengers can team up to break the bank, the members of the Justice League should be able to hold their own.

The Avengers Have Become International Fan Favorites



Can The Justice League Do The Same?



Still, fans have favored Marvel’s unity vision while complaining, loudly, about the lack of same in the realms of Gotham and Metropolis…and ever since Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to fulfill their promise, the franchise’s hopes have rested on a pair of stand-alones (the upcoming Wonder Woman, and James Wan’s take on Aquaman).

So Far, Things Look Pretty Good


Now, we are getting a glimpse at what controversial director Zack Synder has in store for the famous League, and in this teaser, at least, one character is ready to kick some ass. Jason Moama was heralded as a brilliant bit of casting as the lord of the sea, and in this clip (one of five, each centering on a different character), we get to see him rule the waves. And the best news yet? The full trailer will drop over the March 24th weekend.

Still, Comic Book Lovers Are Unsure About Zack Snyder



We’ll Know More In A Few Months



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