It’s impossible to be sad when you’re dancing. Whether it’s a combination of the music and your movements, the lyrics and how resonate the melody is, or just the pure joy of letting lose and letting your guard down, cutting a rug (or tripping the light fantastic) provides the kind of release we rarely get. It’s an acceptable outrageous, not matter your skill level (or lack thereof).

It’s The New Challenge That Sweeping The Web



Everybody Is Getting Involved



This even applies to those times when everyone is doing the same steps. From the Madison to The Twist, The Hustle and The Whip/Nae Nae, Dnce crazes have been a party and club consistent. They provide a platform of equality, allowing both the seasoned vet and the eager newcomer the chance to sign sans any objective reality. Just stand up, suit up, get in the line, and DANCE, DANCE…DANCE!!!

It’s All In The Moves



The latest wave of physical enthusiasm comes courtesy of Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall and their collab, “JuJu On Dat Beat.” A basic freestyle over a killer beat, the lyrics describe the different moves that go along with the track, instructional without being stuck up. It’s so infectious that even our discerning Facebook diva, Adalia Rose, has risen to the occasion to strut her stuff and show off her skillz. Once you see this incredible video, you’ll be up and bouncing your booty like a pro. Check it out.

Adalia Rose Is Down For It



She Loves To Dance



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