It remains one of the author’s most popular novels, one that has readers regularly returning to the little town in Maine haunted by an undeniably evil clown. It’s also one of the better adaptations of his work, which when you consider the questionable levels of successful that come with such productions, is saying something.

The Original Is Still Beloved Today



Now, Stephen King’s It is promising to be one of the scariest films of 2017, and so far, the two trailers that have dropped are doing a great deal to confirm those beliefs. The first preview gave us a decent glimpse of Pennywise the Clown and the small town kids he’s after. This latest one, however, will have fans of a certain Netflix series seeing double.

But There’s A New Evil Clown In Town



Last year, one of the streaming services’ biggest hits was a little exercise is ’80s horror nostalgia known as Stranger Things. The main premise had a group of kids chasing after a monstrous entity in their tiny town. Sound familiar. Indeed, the hit series took many of its macabre cues from frightmares past, with King being a constant source of inspiration.

Fans Of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Are Seeing Double


But don’t think that The Duffer Brothers covered everything. It is a massive book, with both a past and a present which takes our heroes from tormented children to haunted adults, all while dealing with their own deepest, darkest fears. It will take two films to tell the entire story, and fans are already anticipating a bloody and horrific good time. It arrives in theaters September 8th.

’It’ And Stephen King Were Major Influence On The Streaming Series



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