Billy Shakespeare once famously asked, “What’s in a name?” More than we realized, apparently. A court in Italy has told parents Vittoria and Luca that they have one week to change their daughter’s name. The couple named their baby girl, “Blu” but the Italian court system says that’s a no-no. Why? Because the name isn’t “gender appropriate.”

Gender appropriation may be the hot topic these days but the name “Blu” doesn’t exactly sound like it would cause controversy. Besides, one of the most famous couples in the universe named their daughter “Blue Ivy” and it may have sounded a little unique but it didn’t cause international outrage. And that was in 2012!

Luca explained to the court that he chose the name Blu because of its meaning. It’s actually an acronym for “bella luminosa unica” which translates to “beautiful, vibrant, and unique” in English. We may need to brush up on our Italian but the name “Bella Luminosa Unica” sounds pretty dope!

Italy is pretty strict about these types of things and has a law that states all babies must be must be given a gender-appropriate name. Luca told the Italian newspaper Il Giorno: “If we don’t come up with an alternative name, a judge will choose it for us.” There’s a bigger issue at play here. The baby is 18 months old.

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