You’ve heard someone describe a torrential downpour as “it’s raining cats and dogs outside,” but what about raining octopuses and starfish? If you live in China, the latter may be a little closer to your reality than the former. The hashtag #SeafoodRain was trending on Twitter earlier this month after a massive rain storm sent sea creatures from the oceans and waterways to windshields, streets, and essentially everywhere else they aren’t supposed to be.

Actually, if you live in Sri Lanka, Mexico, or even London, you’ve possibly experienced a “fish rain” before. As crazy as it may sound, you can witness a “fish rain” just about anywhere but that’s usually what it is – fish and frogs falling from the sky during a powerful storm. But octopuses and starfish are a little rarer.

The phenomenon which dropped exotic sea creatures during the storm took place in the coastal city of Qingdao in eastern China’s Shandong Province in mid-June. Photos of octopuses, starfish, shellfish, and mollusks found on cars and sidewalks were posted to social media and quickly began to spread.

There was also damage throughout Qingdao as a result of the storm which left downed power lines, trees, highway signs, and a toll booth in its wake. But how does marine life – which is already in the ocean – get sucked into the sky in the first place?

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