In 1975, Per Holm Knudsen wrote a children’s book that he called How a Baby is Made. Piccolo Books published it because they found nothing wrong with it. You know, it was the 70s. There was free love and all that.

There was a thought pattern some parents bought into that they should be open with their children. If their children asked questions, they were going to be honest and not hold anything back. Here’s the thing with that. It may not have been thought through all that well because not holding anything back means a lot of things.

Like sex for instance! If kids start asking about it, is it a good idea to pop in some adult smut and start pointing out parts of the body, explaining the action on the screen, showing your kids how it works…etc. Is there an end to how open you can be with your kids?

This book seems to fall in that line of thinking. It’s such a rare find though that it’s a keepsake today. Don’t think you can just go out and buy one. You can touch a copy if you have a couple hundred dollars.

Nice Enough Cover

How A Baby Is Made Taken from -

This Is One Page Before They Show The Sex

the page before having sex

And They Go Through The Labor

in labor

This Video Is Based Off Of The Illustrations In The Book

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