A vacation is supposed to be fun. Sure, you can’t avoid some of the pitfalls, pro or con, that come with visiting a new place, but you shouldn’t be risking your life while being there – unless, of course, that’s the point. Sure, people do stupid stuff while enjoying a bit of down time from the rat race, but for the most part, said dives into danger are well supervised and rife with safety rules and regulation…or at least, we think they are.

It Looks So Fun


These Australian tourists in Thailand learned this truth the hard way. The VERY hard way. He wanted to go parasailing. She wanted to film him – and why not. Watching your significant other zoom up into the air while “securely” tied to a parachute, which itself is harnessed to a boat, sure beats sitting around with the rest of the rabble on the beach. So our game guy got ready to be strapped in, and here’s where the troubles began.

It Looks So Safe


Some who have seen the video included with this story have mentioned the complete lack of sturdiness in what the parasailing people were putting on this man. There were no leg straps, and the rest of the gear looked like military surplus store rejects. Still, he’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll, and when the boat finally takes off into the ocean, our hapless hero is sent sailing straight into the sky, an assistant hanging on to provide support. As the other man climbs onto the ropes to get set, something awful happens.

But It’s Still Very Dangerous


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