As the times have gotten tougher, criminals have gotten more and more daring. They will do things that they might otherwise not have attempted, especially with the new desire for everything to be on camera and/or under surveillance. The eye in the sky is always watching, but that doesn’t stop those whose intent is nothing but felonious.

Thieves Can Be Brazen



Indeed, people will stop by a house with an Amazon or UPS delivery on the doorstep and casually walk up and take it – and NO, it is not theirs. They will also walk into open garages and take what they want, like a kid in an unsupervised candy store. And then there are the proposed bad-asses featured in the video included here.

They Will Break In At Any Time



As you will see, they are wandering around a large modern home. Dressed in black and wearing masks over their faces, the coast appears to be clear. As they plot their next move, something unexpected happened – the homeowner returns. The minute the garage door opens, the victim knows the score. What he does next proves that, sometimes, when you’re brazen in your disregard for the target of your crime, the bigger price you may end up paying.

Day Or Not, Whether You Are Home Or Not



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